ComplexLand | Launch Teaser
This teaser allowed us to show elements of Complexland, as well as tease out the type of activities that would exist within the event.

ComplexLand | Event Promotion
ComplexLand is an event with many different touch points ranging from panels, food, live music, and events. Here are some examples of high impact sizzles formatted for social:

ComplexLand | Agenda Asset
This was the asset we emailed out to our followers to help them understand the drops, performances, panels, and food that'd be available. An IG, Facebook, and Twitter version were also distributed.

ComplexLand | Thank you and ComplexLand 2.0 Announcement
This was created to thank our viewers, tell them why ComplexLand occured, and give them a tease for ComplexLand 2.0

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Client: Complex Networks
Project Type: Promo and Digital Event Coverage

Description: Making promo to bring awareness for ComplexLand before and during the virtual event.

Concept: Create a flexible design system for static and video content that would work to advertise multiple aspects of ComplexLand, as well as describe a one of a kind online digital experience. This event took place over a week, so creating promo that would help our audience understand what was happening that day, and build hype for the next day was also important.

Additional Info: ComplexLand was the first Digital online even that Complex put on. It was made both because we were planning ahead and going to be doing this type of event. It was also created out of necessity because of the CoVID made us cancel ComplexCon. ComplexLand existed as a way for our audience to be able to virtually gather around an event.

Describing this event to our audience without them being able to see or experience it on the launch date it was a challenge. Internally we talked about it like a hype beast Animal Crossing, RuneScape, or Club Penguin. Externally we pitched it as a one of a kind free event. A mix of Web 2.0 elements, gaming, hip-hop, fashion, and art, eventually bleneded to create ComplexLand.

The event was very successful, and we hit all of our internal KPIs, which is why we're doing a ComplexLand 2.0, which will allow us to smooth out the bugs, and improve the overall user experience, and hopefully eventually both pair the experience with ComplexCon, and keep it as it's own event.