Sneaker Shopping | Promo
Sneaker Shopping has been described as the #1 Sneaker Show on the internet. Through 12 seasons we've helped create the promo that keeps fans excited about sneaker culture.

Complex X Fuse | Promo
Complex worked with Fuse to create a 2 hour block of TV which consisted of remixed Complex Shows and original content. Our goals were to promo to linear TV, and through our efforts Complex X Fuse became Fuse's #1 show of all-time. Additionally their demo when from 45+ to ~22.

The Complex 7| Social Series
The Complex 7 was a series that we made with the prompt "what would you do with a famous person if you only had about 5 minutes. We developed about 14 questions and made a flexible shooting style, and would ask them of any Complex Guest that had a minute. This series also acted as a way to promote an upcoming appearance on one of our youtube shows.

ClickBait | Social Series
ClickBait came from the observation that our audience likes hot takes and strong opinions. We used this social series to pose questions that would solicit a strong reaction. The look/feel of this was made in Vaporwave aesthetic because the term click-bait was very retro, and having a windows98/XP look elicited old memories of AOL chat rooms and Myspace.

What's In The Box| Social Series
Complex's audience loves unboxings, this series focused on strange or rare collectable items. It was made to slot in the many things that are constantly sent to our office.

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Client: Complex Networks
Project Type: Audience Development

Description: Original Series for Social, promotion for Events, YouTube and Television shows.

Concept: Extend the Complex brand via social.

Additional Info: If you ask people at Complex to use three words to describe what the brand identity of Complex, you may have a number of answers. But DNA of what makes Complex is a mix of Hip-Hop, Youth Culture, and Sneakers. This is at the heart of everything we make at Complex, whether it's a shoulder content, trailers, or social series.

Agency: Complex Media
Creative Lead: Paul Weber
Motion Designer: Hunter Hanson
Editors: Gabe Alvarez