ComplexCon | Social Promo / Event Promo | Launch Teaser

The Launch Trailer is made to set up the general vibe of ComplexCon. My job is to script this out, and find appropriate footage from the previous years ComplexCon that aligns with this messaging. Once this gets approved, it’s then versioned out to email, youtube, IG Story, Reel, Tiktok, twitter, and facebook versions.

ComplexCon | Road to ComplexCon

Road to ComplexCon is a content series used to promote ComplexCon via talking with vendors and artists that had previously been a part of the convention and would be exhibiting again. I produced, concepted, shot, did pre and post production on this, and art directed.

ComplexCon | Social Promo / Event Promo | IG Stories

The IG Stories are used to promote individual aspects of the convention. Shows/Panels, Brands/Drops, Music Performers, Misc. I art directed a flexible design system that works well on social media, but still drives towards ticket sales. They are generally are used to drive ticket sales, but are also used during the actual event to coordinate drops and pop-ups and whatever else is happening.

ComplexCon| Instagram Page | Square

These are used to tell longer stories at about 15-45 seconds in length, these are used for larger announcements like specific tent pole events at the convention. My job was to script, art direct, and run these through approvals (internal / client). In general these were used to populate the ComplexCon Instagram and Twitter page which were the main sources of outgoing information for announcements.

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Client: Complex Networks
Project Type:
Social Promo, Content Strategy, Event Coverage

Description: Making Social promo to bring awareness for ComplexCon, sell tickets, and build fomo before and during the event.

Concept: Create a flexible templated design system for static and video content that would work to advertise multiple aspects of ComplexCon.

Additional Info: ComplexCon is a mix of a music festival, a shopping experience, and the internet, hip-hop and youth culture all mixed together into a two day event. Since 2016, there have been 5 ComplexCons each with 50K+ attendees per activation.

My teams job is to promote ComplexCon to people that have never heard or seen the event, as well as, build hype while on the ground via quick turn around interviews, and social content. This involves making a promotional plan for social that spans the 3 months leading up to ComplexCon, and involves promoting the brands, celebrities, and events at ComplexCon. This is done via building templates, original social content, and directing, editing, and producing interview series and content surrounding the event.