In The Know - The Power Up

ITK - The Power UP | Trailer

For this teaser I picked some of the biggest moments from the season to help the audience anticipate what they might see. I produced, and art directed this video.

Hot Ones | Meet The Sauces

This is the first episode of The Power Up. Focusing on Just Blaze and his connections with hip-hop and gaming. This is the larger graphics package at work, which I Art Directed.

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Client: Complex Networks
Project Type: Art Direction, Creative Strategy

Description: Making a show that focused on gaming culture and eSports.

Concept: Create design that focused on the 20 year nostalgic curve that would appeal to Gen-Z

Additional Info:ITK is a series made by Verizon. Verizon has worked with Complex in order to build and develop some shows that appeal to an even wider audience. Complex's Audience is mostly Millennials and Gen Z. I am an avid gamer, and have a deeper insight on what Gen-Z likes, therefore I was chosen to be the art director on this show.

My incite was that a Gen Z audience would respond to a different era as “nostalgic.” Nostalgia typically works on a 20 year curve. Things that were popular in gaming 20 years ago are much more attractive and appealing to gamers that are now between the ages of 21 - 29 which is the demo we were targeting. This means pulling inspiration from the 6th and 7th generation of gaming with console and design inspiration stemming from the Dreamcast, PS2, OG XBox, and Gamecube, and not early 80s and 90s nostalgia which is what older games find to be retro. This was further backed up by my research into the surging prices of 2000s era gamecube / ps2 and Dreamcast games which are currently highly sought after because of that 20 year curve.

The general look and feel also pulled from 90s/00s rave culture, and generally a trippy Complex aesthetic, which all resonate with this gaming audience. This show went on to be successful enough for Verizon to order 3 seasons so far.