more or less everything About Me.

My name is Paul Weber. I'm a Creative Director from a small town in Ohio. I started my journey working in PR and Advertising in Washington DC, and moved onto Social Media, Advertising, and Production at in New York. Four Years of working as a creative lead in Audience Development, Social Media, and Promo at Complex across a wide variety of entertainment brands takes me to where I am today.

I’ve been making stuff for as long as I can remember. In college I worked with a team to make a social and gaming strategy for Pringles, which took them from 3M to 12 million followers on Facebook in 6 months. Working at VaynerMedia took those skills further as I had the opportunity to work with many more brands in social. From there working with Complex along with many other brands has allowed me to understand new media from a Publishers perspective and the best in class strategies from an Audience Development and marketing standpoint as well. Finding out where consumers give their attention, then putting entertaining and innovative content there is what I love to do. Good creative is the combination of many interesting ideas from many different sources. Video Games, music, movies, tv, art and pop culture have always been my greatest sources of inspiration.

If I'm the type of person you'd like to work with, I'd like to know. Check out the resume, or just send me an Email.