Game Shopping | Tiktok / Youtube Shorts Series

I conceptualized and orchestrated the creation of this content series. In an era where digital experiences are surpassing physical ones in popularity, the Xbox Series X maintains a competitive edge by offering backward compatibility with two decades of their past gaming consoles. Leveraging this unique advantage, Xbox seized the opportunity to collaborate with smaller, locally-owned retro video game stores. These establishments have thrived within the retro collecting community. Through this collaboration, Xbox not only provides support to these small business owners but also generates content that resonates with its core audience.

A Day in the Life of an Xbox | Tiktok / Youtube Shorts Series

Creating a mascot is often a highly effective strategy for brands. Brands such as DuoLingo have achieved remarkable success by developing a character that resonates with audiences. To delve into this approach, we humanized an Xbox Series S and devised various scenarios that an Xbox wouldn't typically be involved in. This approach has enabled us to engage in diverse activities, ranging from event coverage to forming partnerships, all while seamlessly integrating with social media platforms.

Game Grails | Tiktok / Youtube Shorts Social Series

Gaming nostalgia and brand loyalty hold significant importance. The "Game Grails" series provided us with the opportunity to delve into Xbox's extensive archive, uncovering both new and classic collectibles and games of exceptional value. This series has proven to be one of their most successful endeavors.

Reactive | Tiktok Social

Being proactive on social media makes the distinction between staying relevant and being perceived as a brand that merely hops onto trends belatedly. Our usual approach involves diligently monitoring social feeds and keeping track of current events to offer timely coverage on these subjects. The difficulty in this comes in the form of creating workflows, building partnerships with clients and legal teams, and having an in-depth knowledge of the trends as well as the niche in which a brand lives in order to remain authentic.

Mx Elitees | Commercial Extension

A significant disparity can often exist between a brand's commercial endeavors, campaigns, and their execution on social media—especially when the brand has not strategically developed their social extensions. In the context of Xbox, we consistently collaborate closely to craft social-first extensions of campaigns that can thrive independently, while simultaneously advancing the primary goals of the broader campaign. Whether this entails repurposing existing footage or having a dedicated team on-site to capture behind-the-scenes moments, I have been engaged in producing such content for an extended period.

Xbox Showcase | Live Activation Social Extension

Within the gaming industry, numerous significant activations demand an added layer of refinement. Operating within the 24-hour news cycle, the responsibility falls on a brand's social team to generate content that promptly informs their audience while also maintaining excitement throughout the entire marketing span of a game. The Xbox Showcase stands as one of their most monumental events, and crafting high-performing, seamlessly integrated content for it posed an enjoyable and thrilling challenge.

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Client: Xbox
Project Type: Creative Direction, Audience Development, Social Media, Editing, Motion Graphics

Description: Original Series and short and long form content creation for Xbox's TikTok, Youtube, and Snapchat channels.

Concept: Extend the Xbox brand via social media by making content that is entertaining and native.  Making promotion that feels more like content and less like advertisements.

Additional Info: Xbox is a brand of video game consoles and associated software developed and manufactured by Microsoft. Introduced in 2001, the Xbox brand has become closely associated with console gaming, providing a variety of gaming systems, accessories, and services. In recent years, Xbox has also made a significant presence on TikTok. I have contributed to the brand's growth by accumulating over 2 million additional followers. Presently, the TikTok account boasts more than 6 million followers, achieved through the creation of content series and the production of trending content across short and long-form video platforms. Targeting and understanding Gen Z and millennial audiences while understanding the subtle nuances of short-form video especially on TikTok is at the heart of the content created for this platform.

Agency: Super Digital
Creative Lead: Paul Weber