First We Feast

Hot Ones | Meet The Sauces

Each season Hot Ones introduce new sauces and guests. I brainstormed, art directed and generated this social promo helps to build hype for the launch of a new season, and serves as fanfare for the most dedicated Hot Ones fans. My team does a lot of social promo with Hot Ones, because it’s a highly successful show on our youtube channel, and typically we make shoulder content to support the show on social.


The concept behind this was to create a series that allowed us to have wider reach with instagram food. Shocking food that made you go “Wow, that’s crazy.” Everything from Rainbow bagels to cronuts and beyond was covered in this series. I art directed this graphics package, and post production supervised the show.

The Burger Show | Promo

The Burger Show is a simple show built around the concept that people love burgers. My involvement was creating all social content for this, brainstorming and generating ideas, as well as, A/B testing concepts and trending topics. Everything from ASMR burgers, to food porn was used to help build this series up.

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Client: Complex Networks
Project Type: Social Content and Social promo

Description: Making promo to bring awareness for ComplexCon before and during the event.

Concept: First We Feast is a food channel on the internet focusing on subject matter not normally covered by the Food Networks, Delish’s, and Bon Appetit's of the world. Mainly in terms of focusing on food and how it overlaps with pop culture. First We Feast, also highlights people of color that are doing and have been doing great things in the food space for years.

Additional Info: While First We Feast does huge numbers on youtube with mega hits like Hot Ones, their social channels have needed some work. When I started at Complex, their social channels had less than 100k followers each, which didn’t make sense considering their youtube channels were well above a few million. This was mainly because their social channels didn’t have bite sized native content that performed well on it’s channels. Through working with the FWF team my team helped them create several social first series that helped grow a following on their channels. In addition to that, we created compilations and pulled out content from their highly successful youtube shows that helped make their social channels the destination to talk about these shows. They are currently nearing a million on each of their social handles.