First We Feast

FWF | What The Food?
The concept behind this was to create a series that allowed us to have wider reach with instagram food.

Burger Show | Promo
The Burger Show is a simple show built around the concept that people love burgers, we tried to communicate that in our social content by focusing on the stars of the show, juicy meat patties.

Hot Ones| Meet The Sauces
Each season we introduce new sauce and guests. This social promo helps to build hype for the launch of a new season, and serves as fanfare for the most dedicated Hot Ones fans.

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Client: Complex Networks
Project Type: Promo and Event Coverage

Description: Making promo to bring awareness for ComplexCon before and during the event.

Concept: Create a flexible design system for static and video content that would work to advertise multiple aspects of ComplexCon.

Additional Info: ComplexCon is the digital world of Complex made physical. The annual event, which started in Spring 2016, and has come on five times since, attracts more than 50K+ annually. ComplexCon blends a music festival, art, a food showcase, and commerce. It's the modern American mall seen through the lens of hip hop and youth culture.

My team specifically advertises the event leading up to ComplexCon. In addition we work hand in hand with our commerce partners to build excitement around their upcoming collaborations and activations that will be featured across the three day event.

During the event we also creates content ranging from interviews while on the ground to quick turn around unboxings, and event promo that helps direct traffic to the panels, music, and events that take place during the weekend.