Complex on Twitch

Complex | Channel Trailer
For this teaser we summarized the three shows that would be appearing on Twitch, provided some examples of what they might see on the channel, then encouraged them to interact and subscribe.

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Client: Twitch
Project Type: Live Stream Show Package, Brand Identity

Description: Making non-gaming content for Twitch.
Concept: Create an overarching brand package for Complex on Twitch, and individual brand identities for shows that appeared on Complex on Twitch

Additional Info: Twitch is one of the largest live streaming platforms around. Complex was a part of Twitch's premium partner program created to bring Complex's audience to the Twitch Platform.

I worked on this project because of my knowledge of gaming and the Twitch platform as a whole. I also worked on the individual brand identity of the Daily Drift. The general concept was to think about Complex on Twitch as a block of television programming similar to Adult Swim, TGIF, or Complex on Fuse. This allowed for us to create an overarching brand identity that lived within a tech-y yet Complex-ified world.