Maggie Lindemann | Obsessed

Maggie Lindemann | Obsessed Lyric Video
For this music video they needed a lyric video and a vertical version as well. I started on the project after it had been shot, and helped come up with some creative solutions in order to make this happen on time and and on budget.

The team didn't have budget for a greenscreen so, they filmed in front of a mirror instead, I cleaned all of that up in post.

Compositing & Type
Another example of compositing and adding type.

Vertical Social version
We made a vertical cut for IG stories and Spotify

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Client: Rated Red
Project Type: Channel Creation and Branding

Description: Video Games are a huge market, but very different than the rest of Rated Red's content. Generally speaking Rated Red Gaming videos would over index in views, but wouldn't lead to retention. Creating a spin-off brand of Rated Red that only focused on Gaming would allow heartland millennials a place to view content who were only interested in games from a heartland perspective.

Concept: To create branding system that felt like Rated Red, but applied to gamers.

Additional Info: This general aesthetics of this was based on creating a branding system that appealed to a southern / heartland millennial, but also to gamers in general. The basic visual interpretation of old school video games is based on 8bit graphics built from the pixel. Mixing that with a Army pixel cameo background made a great look that would appeal to both groups. The logo itself was inspired by old video game marquees that you'd see above an arcade game like Pac-man, Asteroids, or Space Invaders.