Maggie Lindemann | Obsessed

Maggie Lindemann | Obsessed Lyric Video

I started on the project after it had been shot, and helped come up with some creative solutions in order to make this happen on time and on budget. The words that were written on the mirror were masked out and highlighted to give the “follow along with the lyrics” look. I did all the editing, compositing, motion graphics, and social of this video.

Maggie Lindemann | Compositing

The team didn't have the budget for a green screen so, they filmed in front of a mirror instead, I cleaned all of that up in post. I took footage from different parts of the music video and b-roll, and recomposing shots, so there were multiple copies of Maggie throughout.

Maggie Lindemann | Compositing & Type

Another example of compositing and adding type. The type was all hand drawn, then I animated with a slight “scribblevision” effect.

Maggie Lindemann | Vertical Social Version

I  vrtical cut for IG stories and Spotify. This was just compositing shots and reformatting for a vertical composition, and re-doing type so it worked in this format.

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Client: 300 Entertainment
Project Type: Music Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Compositing

Description: No Shade, but on this particular video, I got a call which involved somebody on production asking me the question “is filming a mirror the same thing as filming against a green screen?” The answer is a resounding no, so with footage already shot, I helped figure out how to make this music video into a lyric video with a tight turn around.

Concept: Since the footage was already shot, picking and choosing from the raw footage in order to create something that looked polished and on brand for Maggie was of utmost importance. This basically took the form of a lot of frame by frame masking, and replacing shots with b-roll in order for this to become a cohesive piece.

Additional Info: This took a lot of time, but I generally enjoyed coming up with quick solves that kept this video under time and under budget. I specifically edited, did the motion graphics, and all the compositing for this. It was a pretty intense 48 Hr turn around. This is the "lyric" video which is usually posted before the official music video, and performed very well at 4.1 Million views.